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27th Dec, 2023

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20th Aug, 2023

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8th Aug, 2023

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The Enrealment Hour
We are ready to engage reality like never before. We better be, or our time here will soon be up.
Join author and sacred activist Jeff Brown, as he cuts through the denials, deceptions, and distractions that prevent us from living our truest lives. Let’s talk about dismantling the oppressive structures of today, and co-creating a world that honors our inherent magnificence. It’s time. Welcome to the Enrealment Hour. 

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Jeff Brown

Jeff’s story began in Toronto Canada, as a young boy with a burning hunger for self-discovery.

His young adult years were spent chasing that which is successful in the eyes of the world: Dean’s Honor list in university. Law and Medicine prize in law school. Apprenticing with famous criminal lawyer Eddie Greenspan. Prepping a high-profile murder trial, writing both the cross examinations and a 168-page jury address. His path was unfolding just as it should. Until Sacred Purpose called him in another direction.

Suddenly, on the verge of opening his own law practice, Jeff heard a little voice inside telling him to stop, just stop. After putting up his best fight, he honored this voice and began a heartfelt quest for the truth that lived within him. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, he was actually questing for his innate image, the essential being that he came into this lifetime to embody.

He was searching for his authentic face, and the path of Sacred Purpose that lived inside his bones.

As part of his quest, Jeff surrendered to his confusion and explored many possible paths. He studied Bioenergetics and did session work with co-founder Alexander Lowen. He practiced as a body-centered psychotherapist. He completed an MA in Psychology at Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco and co-founded the Open Heart Gang, a benevolent group with a heartfelt intention. He started his own business and became a successful entrepreneur.

At the heart of these explorations, was a diligent commitment to his inner work. By going inside and weaving his spirituality with his emotional life, he integrated essential lessons. By surrendering to the “School of Heart Knocks” (the school of life), he found his authentic face and embraced the call to write Soulshaping. Although he resisted it at first, he soon realized that honoring the call was his best defense against sleeplessness. If he wrote, he slept. If he didn’t, he lay awake all night. This is the nature of a calling.

Brown turned down a publishing offer from Namaste Publishing—Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now publisher—and opted to self-publish the first edition of Soulshaping: Adventures in Self-Creation in December, 2007. The launch of the book was also the launch of Jeff’s path of sacred activism, when he arranged for a homeless man to sell his books on Toronto streets. A heartfelt win-win, and the first inklings of a movement he called Love It Forward. This gained the attention of North Atlantic Books soon thereafter and an enhanced new edition, distributed by Random House, entered bookstores in August 2009. Now re-titled Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation, this edition includes a new preface written by Jeff that speaks to the grassroots energy that rapidly moved the book into the world, validating his own intuition about the book’s connective and heartfelt nature.

After writing a series of inspirations for ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ in 2010, and appearing on FoxNews.com and dozens of radio shows, Brown wrote the viral blog ‘Apologies to the Divine Feminine (from a warrior in transition)’, catapulting him to a greater degree of notoriety, particularly in the world of social media. Soon thereafter, he released his first film—Karmageddon—an award-winning spiritual documentary that highlights his journey with spiritual teacher Bhagavan Das. Also featuring profound interviews with Be Here Now author Ram Dass, yogis Seane Corn and David Life, and chanters Wah, Deva Premal and Miten, Karmageddon is an unforgettably self-revealing and brutally honest film about spirituality, integrity, and emotional healing. Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Costa Rica International Film Festival, it can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, and at www.karmageddonthemovie.com.

Jeff’s second book—Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground—was published in October, 2012. Strongly endorsed by Oprah ‘Soul Series’ Radio host Elizabeth Lesser and best-selling authors’ Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Katherine Woodward Thomas, Ascending is a collection of some of Jeff’s most popular spiritual graffiti—quotes, soul-bytes, and aphorisms frequently shared in social media. His third book—Love It Forward—was published on Valentine’s Day, 2014. This next book of spiritual graffiti includes a number of Jeff’s most popular and profound love and relationship quotes. Endorsed by best-selling authors Carolyn Myss, Andrew Harvey and CNN’s Father Edward Beck, this little book of magic also includes a series of inspirations that Jeff wrote for ‘Good Morning America’.

In May, 2014, Jeff opened his own publishing house Enrealment Press. He began publishing other authors in 2015, including poet Victoria Erickson, and sacred activists Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade. Enrealment Press can be found at www.enrealment.com.

Additionally, in January 2015, he opened Soulshaping Institute—‘An Institution of Truer Learning’—(www.soulshapinginstitute.com). SSI is the central hub for much of Jeff’s work, featuring a wide spectrum of practical courses designed to support others in their efforts to enreal their consciousness and identify their sacred purpose. The school will soon expand to include the offerings of other authors and teachers.

In April, 2015, he married his beloved, poet Susan Frybort. In May 2015, his higher consciousness love story, An Uncommon Bond, was published with rave reviews. An Uncommon Bond is now on its 8th print run. The next month, he signed an audio book deal with Grammy award-winning Blackstone Audio for Bond. His fifth book — aptly called Spiritual Graffiti — was published in November, 2015. Endorsed by best-selling authors Katie Silcox and Chris Grosso, Graffiti is his third in the series of quotes books.

Jeff’s innovative new terms and short writings continue to be a growing phenomenon, widely shared by seekers and growers worldwide. His quotes have been shared in social media by Brain Games co-host Jason Silva, actress Chrissy Metz, author Amanda De Cadenet, songstress Alanis Morissette, and many other well-known figures. Most beautifully, they have touched and benefitted millions of souls.

Jeff now understands that each step on his path laid down the foundation of a new model: Grounded Spirituality. The challenges he faced, and the countless steps of overcoming were intended for this purpose: to support humanity in their efforts to embody all that they are. Not to bypass their humanness, but to celebrate it. Not to find enlightenment independent of the self, but to find enrealment deep within it. Here we are, just as we are.

He has spent the past several years, further forging and articulating his realizations, honing his voice, and shaping this new model. After an intensive and laborious process, buried in his writing cave outside Toronto, Jeff brought forth his most comprehensive work to date. Published in March 2019, the book Grounded Spirituality calls out and critically reviews ungrounded spiritualities, and presents a new model of authentic humanness, offering us a more integrated, embodied, and heartfelt path going forward. In November 2020, Jeff’s 4th book of popular quotes, Hearticulations, was published. Endorsed by Grammy Award-Winning singer LeAnn Rimes, Hearticulations reminds us of the golden threads that bind us together and that there is more that connects us than divides us.

Jeff is presently breaking new ground as an Enrealment Activist, with lots of exciting offerings in the works including: The ‘Enrealment Hour’ Podcast, a facilitators’ training course for Grounded Spirituality; a writing blog at Substack.com (‘The Enrealment Newsletter’); a new quotes book or two; traveling the world teaching and connecting with his supporters…. and whatever other unexpected surprises await this wildly rich path of Sacred Purpose. Stay tuned!